Spooktacular set-piece for sale

When this Terror Dog first appeared on eBay, there was a bit of confusion – the seller, who had gotten the item off of someone ten years earlier, said they had been told the Terror Dog statue was from the movie, but if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know it’s not. A few people that were lucky enough to attend to Ghostbusters Spooktacular at Universal Studios theme park, thought it might have been part of the Paranormal Gift Shop, which in the hey-day of the Ghostbusters films, was packed with Ghostbusters loot to buy.

Then Troy at GBHQ posted a link to Bruce Miller’s Creature Effects, which had a picture of a similar dog. Sure enough, labeled under the photo – “Ghostbusters Gift Shop.”

So, mystery solved and with a few days left on the auction, though at $375, it might be a little high. The item looks excellent, but it’s certainly not from the movie, and may not even have been used at the gift shop (it may have been a back-up or a duplicate made from the same mold.) However, it is pretty sweet. The one on eBay appears to be a Vinz Clortho dog (horns long and up), while the photo on Bruce’s page is a Zuul dog (horns short and down.)

Nods to K6 Scorpion for spotting the auction to begin with and Troy and Dan of GBVA for settling the mystery.

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