Halloween Round-up 2007

Well, Halloween is over, mostly (I’ll allow that there may be some delayed Halloween parties this weekend) and the photos have started showing up. This year saw a marked rise in Busters, lady busters, another Stay Puft, Dana and Louis, and the excellent arrival of a Janine (finally.)

A Ghostbusters 2 Janine no less!

Kurt and his best gal put in an excellent Vinz and Zuul duo.

The Vancouver GBs at the Parade of Souls

There are more – and if you have some more you’d like to share, send them my way.

I opted for the same thing as previous years – trying not to blow myself up with the best fireworks ever.

Best Ghostbuster pose of the year.

Another look at the NY GBs that won on the Today Show, including a closer look at that awesome Slimer.

The only appearance I’ve seen of the Sexy Ghostbuster outfit that was sold this year. The pair further up appear to have made their own outfits.

This is from a couple years ago, but I only just now found it. How cool is that?

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