How to see Return of the Ghostbusters

Since its release into the Internet wilds, Return of the Ghostbusters can be found in more and more locations, including a mirror of the DivX file here at Proton Charging. I’m working on a PSP version, which should be ready soon. In the meantime, you can try one of the options below.

Download High Res DivX via Torrent
Demonoid (to sign up)
The Pirate Bay (to sign up)
You will need a bittorrent client such as µTorrent. If you’re unsure how to use torrents, click here.

Download High Res DivX via HTTP
Proton Charging

Download for Zune
(click here)

Download for iPod
(click here)

Download for PSP
(click here)

Watch at iFilm
(click here)

[UPDATE] I forgot to mention (thankfully someone reminded me) that Demonoid has been filtering out Canadians. So, if you’re in Canada, you might want to consider the Pirate Bay torrent. All I know is I was/am a member, and a fan-edit of GB I’m seeding is still being downloaded from my machine. I can give, I just can’t take – jerks.

Also, while people are welcome to download off of PC, currently torrents are the fastest method of download. Just so you know.

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