We Are Legion – The Mars Volta

Just inside the new year, American prog-rock group The Mars Volta will be releasing their new album, The Bedlam and Goliath. What’s interesting is that the album is inspired by the bands dabbles with a souvenir divining (or ouija) board. Fascinated by the stories the board told, but convinced it had brought bad luck, the band had lead-guitar Omar Rodríguez-López bury the board and swear never to tell where.

Even more interesting is their explanation of what came next;

“The album is basically a sort of … it’s like the ‘Ghostbusters’ when they want to catch a ghost, they throw out this little trap on the floor, and they open it.

“(The) record serves as a bunch of little traps, so when the record comes out, people will have those traps, and they can play the game and try to reverse the bad luck we’ve had come from it. It’s our way of creating a little infernal machine, but we’ve reversed it, for good luck.”

Rock on!

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