Game Informer sneak peek is out

As they promised, Game Informer had some end of the week goodies for their subscribers – seeing as it’s paid exclusive content, I’m reluctant to post it all verbatim, but I think a small taste to tide everyone over until the magazine article hits the stands is in order (then I can put all the goodies up. Sort of.) Besides, there are always other places to find the goods (wink.) But if you’re going to read early, be a sport and be sure to pick up the magazine.

The GI sneak peek included a history of Ghostbuster video games, lots and lots of images, both in-game and concept, and a big interview with Dan Aykroyd.

Game Informer: How does it feel to come back to the Ghostbuster universe after all this time? Do you still get a lot of people coming up to you on the street asking about another movie?

Dan Aykroyd: Well, practically and realistically, I’ve been telling people it’s very doubtful that there’s going to be a third movie. But now that I’ve seen the work on the video game, I’ve watched it progress, my rap now to people is, “This is essentially the third movie.” And it’s better than the third movie because it lasts longer, there’s more development of the characters, there’s more of a need for story layers. The guys have done a great job putting story layers in there that I can begin to embellish and work with. And I tell people this: “If you have an appetite for the third movie, then the video game is it.” And I really do believe that at this point, from having seen what they’ve done there.

Big thanks to the Ohio Yankee, et al for doing a little digging for me. I promised swag, yes?

[UPDATE] The GB3 blog has scans of the magazine itself, which includes our first look at the simplified, family friendly version of the game.

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