Some more game details

Without giving too much about the game mechanics, I’ve summarized certain facts from the preview that will appeal to ghostheads, not just gaming ghostheads. And again, buy a copy when the magazine hits stores – you won’t regret it, honestly.

PS3 360 PC
Single player (multiplayer to be announced)
Terminal Reality
October 2008

Sierra’s research into IPs to develop revealed that the Ghostbusters logo was the second most recognized logo in the world (after coke.)

The game is set in 1991.

New York loves them once again, and the origianl busters hire the player to help cut down on the work week. Your role is Experimental Weapons Technician. (Weapon doesn’t seem like GB word – I can’t imagine Ray and Egon are big on the word, but maybe that’s just me.)

Brian Doyle Murray is the team Psychiatrist (all but confirming that he is coming back as his role from GB2)

The city assigns Walter Peck to oversee the GBs as part of a new Paranormal oversight commitee (so, no cyclotron madness like in the cartoon.)

A massive and ancient evil decends on the city, accounting for an outbreak of new spirits and the return of some old “friends”. Some of the exclusive art suggests that its downright Lovecraftian – tentacles… that’s all I’ll say.

Slimer is your tutorial ghost (how appropriate) in the Sedgewick Hotel.

The Elmer Bernstein score is used in the game. Ray Parker Jr’s theme is not confirmed, but c’mon…

The Library ghost returns as “the one that got away”, answer a longtime question fans have about the first movie – what ever happened to the Ghostbuster’s first real ghost. The incident introduces a new fictional book to add to the shelves next to The Spates Catalog and Tobin’s Spirit Guide – The Gozarian Codex.

The firehall is a natual save point, where players can wander the entire building, interacting with the other Characters and various items.

Wii PS2

1-4 player wii, 1-2 Ps2
Red Fly Studios
October 2008

Players can play co-op, compete, or go head-to-head in GB v. Ghost battles. Ghost players can fly, phase, and scare, while the GBs have their usual variety of tools and gadgets. Each human GB has their own special ability.

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