T-shirt round-up

After thinking about it, plus some excellent info and feedback from readers, it seems like a good look at everywhere you can get a Ghostbusters t-shirt is in order. After all, we’re all going to need a way to fly our freak flag between now and next October when the Ghostbusters video game comes out.

Glenzz teez – Makers of the always hilarious Ghost-Buster shirt have a new shirt that is an 8bit mash-up of Ghostbusters and… Pac Man?

Target – As mentioned previously, Targets everywhere are carrying a single line of logo, no-text shirts. The logo is a nice, fully outlined one (as in, the red “no” circle has a black border, inside and out) on grey, with deliberate, trendy, artificial aging. Ipdate – Word has it that Walmart is selling the same shirts similar shirts, only they have the text logo, not the ghost logo – thanks BK and Jacob.

Anchor Blue – If you live in the North West and South West USA (plus Georgia and Florida), you’re in the right neighbourhood for Blue Anchor, who also currently carry a GB shirt. Anybody that has a picture, please send it in – Jade sent in the tip, but it’d be cool to see one.

[UPDATE] Ron sent in a picture of the shirts for sale at Anchor Blue. While they’re my least favorite type (logo and text on black), they GLOW in the dark. Which is, simply, awesome. Thanks ron.

[UPDATE] K-Mart is selling a new Ghostbusters t-shirt as well. It reminds me a little of 60s rock festival posters. And best of all – $7. Thanks to Ectoman57 for the picture.

80s Tees – If you’re comfortable shopping online, this is probably THE place to go right now, with nearly a dozen different GB designs. I can’t say I’m a fan of all of them, but they do say the wearer is a ghosthead, loud and clear. I’m still puzzled by the “Classified Information – 1983” shirt.

Fright Tees – Rarely shown any love, the Terror Dogs now have a nice t-shirt, proclaiming “There is no Dana, only Zuul.” Be prepared for lots of positive attention, with an equal amount of explaining what it means.

Matt’s Stay-Puft
– While 80s Tees do have a Stay-Puft t-shirt, I like this one better. And better yet, since it’s a limited run Matt mostly made for himself, plus a handful of others, you’re unlikely to bump into someone with the same thing. Which is always embarrassing.

Paul Frank – If you’re looking for a really unique, nay, fashionable and trendy (meaning, if you want to be a Ghostbusters fan, while remaining hip and ironic to the in-crowd), you might consider this Paul Frank t-shirt featuring his signature brand character, Julius Monkey, and co. These also go over big with girlfriends, who might not want to be a Ghostbusters fan, but appreciate all things ironic and/or hip. (See above photo)

Kerrang! – While the web is awash in places you can get shirts with the Ghostbusters logo, this one is notable for their retro (ie artificially aged) Ecto-1 t-shirt – plus they have logo hoodies and beanie/toques.

Cafe Press – While I’m not a fan of the quality of Cafe Press t-shirts (they are the lightest shirts I’ve ever seen, which means they are excellent summer shirts, and aren’t very durable), the quantity of fan generated designs is fantastic! Here are some particular favorites or mine, but you should browse anyhow – there are pages and pages of designs. Get em now before Sony cracks down!

Parents Roasted by Slor…
I Heart Rick Moranis
Too Zuul for School
NYC Keymaster
Ray’s Occult Bookstore
Mr. Stay-Puft Costume

There are others – I know there are. But I’m having trouble finding them. Like, that cool one with Egon menacing a Pac-Man ghost, tearfully displaying pictures of his little ghost children.

That’s where you guys come in – if you know of a good place to by a cool Ghostbusters t-shirt, let us know! I only ask that you keep Ghostbusters logo t-shirts to a minimum – if there’s a twist (like they glow in the dark, or are on something other than a t-shirt, or make you fly) then share – otherwise, the classic, basic tee is pretty well covered.

[UPDATE] Took a little hunting, but I found those stray shirts I half-remembered, but couldn’t find online.

The first is Ghosts Have Families Too, wherein a very Egon character menaces a despondent Blinky. Not only is it available in a couple of colours, but you can get it on a hoodie and bookbag. So that’s cool.

I can personally vouch for the shirt. I got great service, and I’ve washed it many times and the design doesn’t come off and it still feels and looks brand new after having it for nearly a whole year.

The second is this one – currently, I can only find an Ebay listing, which is really all I could find when I originally found it. It’s origins resist all attempts to be uncovered – hopefully someone out there may know of an actual store that carries it.

While on ebay, I found this Stay-Puft shirt – again, that overused, worn-out look, but still a nice shirt. In this one case, the aged-by-design style works, since it kind of helps ground the fictional brand in reality. As if they actually made Stay-Puft
t-shirts in the 80s.

I would caution people against buying on Ebay – In the case where the shirts are being sold by an Ebay store, it’s probably alright, but Ebay tends to be flooded with cheap shirts, often ink-jet printed iron-ons, using images lifted from the web. Booo. Better safe than sorry – have a close look at the pictures (clip-art examples of the shirt or just an image of the design, don’t bode well – look for pictures of the actual shirt.)

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