Ghostbusters is already on the Xbox 360

So to speak…

The Xbox 360 movie trivia game, Scene It! features Ghostbusters questions (some of which are based on Ghostbusters movie clips.) But don’t get too cocky. According to the Official Xbox Magazine UK, the game may stump the hardest of the core;

Likewise the film clips are a real lesson in memory-management. We’re watching the scene in Ghostbusters were Sigourney Weaver finds out her fridge is possessed by a evil entity. Her eggs start exploding, the yolk frying on the kitchen top in front of her disbeliefing eyes. We count the number that start frying. We’ve got this one in the bag.

“How many hats were hanging on the stand when Diana [sic] came into the apartment?” WHAT? The game certainly knows how to throw you.

There is a demo available for free download through Xbox Live, though it’s not certain if the demo contains the demo does not contain any Ghostbusters love. I know, cuz I played it last night – it could be kind of fun as a group or family game. And priced the same as a triple-A title (which is good, considering it comes with four buzzer controllers.)

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