IGN gets hands-on with Ghostbusters game (Xbox/Wii)

IGN Xbox has posted a sizable four-page preview of the Ghostbusters video game. What new information does it hold? Well, not tonnes, but some.

For starters is the suggestion that Louis Tully is completely out of the question. But Dana Barrett is, leaving the need for a new female lead – one that’s tied directly to the main evil of the story.

Sadly, it’s looking less and less like the game will feature co-op, though the team hasn’t completely discounted it yet. But cheer up – it sounds like the groundwork is being deliberately laid down for a series of games.

We have to sign them for the second game, we have an option, but they were talking to us like they want it to be lots of games and lots of franchises. They’ve already talked about where to take the next one. They’d be in it – at the very least – as the writers for the long haul. Dan’s like a little kid at Christmas when it comes to Ghostbusters because this was his baby… they want to make sure it’s taken care of. We’re just playing in their universe and we know that.”

Overall, the article is a BIG look at all the game technology, so for those who want a sneak-peak under the hood, you should have a look.

Thanks to Daryn for the heads-up.

Just as tasty is IGN’s look at the Wii version of the game – it’s not a long article, but comes with a new screenshot, giving us a sweet look at the game’s visual style.

Cheers to PikeD2zL for that one.

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