CVG scores game images, talks plot points

Computer and Videogames magazine has posted their 18 images for the Ghostbusters video game – a lot look familiar, but I haven’t compared to IGNs massive collection yet. If you’d like to have a look for yourself, they’re sweet even if you have seen them before.

What’s most interesting in the very short article is CVGs take on the game’s main plot point – what’s with the massive ghost freak-out?

But now, horror of horrors, the short attention span of New Yorkers has led to the opening of a Gozerian museum. This coincides with a worrying, if inevitable, spike in paranormal activity, so the ‘busters are forced to employ a new recruit (you) to deal with the workload.

It would certainly explain Mr. Stay-Puft – after all, Gozer wasn’t destroyed, just locked away in another dimension. What two possessed apartment dwellers could achieve, surely a city caught up in Gozer-mania could accidentally accomplish as well, namely re-opening that door.

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