Jason Reitman says “nuh-uh” to directing Ghostbusters

Showing that the press is terrible at asking good questions, Jason Reitman spoke to MTV about how often he gets asked if he’d ever direct a Ghostbusters film.

“It would be the most boring ‘Ghostbusters’ movie of all time. There would be no ghost busting,” laughed the red-hot 30-year-old, who broke out in 2005 with “Thank You for Smoking.” “I like making really small, personal movies. When I read ‘Juno,’ I just thought it was iconic. And ‘Ghostbusters’ is iconic, but it’s my dad’s, and I don’t think I can touch that.”

But, entertaining the notion of what he’d do with Drs. Venkman, Stantz and Spengler (and, yes, Winston), Reitman added: “My [’Ghostbusters 3′] would just be guys talking about ghosts, really. ‘You hear about that ghost? Spooky stuff!’ and then the other guy would be like, ‘Yeah.’ ”

Actually, I’d go see that.

Press! Ask the man more questions about Juno! It deserves the attention. And that’s coming from a guy that eats, breaths, and sleeps Ghostbusters.

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