Be Kind Rewind director invites like reply from Ivan Reitman

With only a matter of days until Be Kind Rewind hits theaters, the already eclectic marketing campaign turns it up a notch. For starters, the movie website takes the movie premise and expands it to the internet – Jerry (Jack Black) has erased the internet and they must now rebuild it as best they can, termed “sweding” by the makers of the film. This web sweding includes a replacement listing for Ghostbusters and some swell Swede Ghostbusters wallpaper. The site also contains a replacement YouTube site, complete with the trailer for the sweded films, as we’ve seen before.

But even more interesting is the news that the director of the film, Michel Gondry, is hoping to give the directors of the films lovingly rebuilt in Be Kind Rewind a chance to do the same back.

“I can’t tell you what will or won’t come to pass,” Sugarman said. “But we think it’s as much fun for Ivan Reitman to play with ‘Be Kind Rewind’ as it is for us to play with ‘Ghostbusters.’ A lot of people in the film industry have a great sense of humor about this stuff.”

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