Cleaning up the town.

Or at least, my small part of it.

Having recently moved, it became pressing that I sort my stuff, particularly some Ghostbusters items that need some careful storage. I found a couple I thought I’d post. The first is a Slimer puppet – a very small amount were produced by Kenner and they occasionally show up on eBay for about $30-$50US. Mine’s a bit more unique, as it’s the example puppet sent overseas to the manufacturing plant. It’s dated 1986, so it was intended as part of the second wave of Real Ghostbuster toys, presumably. Note the little plastic no-ghost logo – the same is found on the production run (and similar toys, like the plush Stay-Puft Kenner produced around the same time.)

With that demented look, you can see why they only made a limited run. The one on the chair is a photo from eBay – mine is the one in the corner. Even from the pictures, it’s easy to tell the fabrics used were similar but different in the production run.

The other items I was pleased to dig up were a set of mock-up Real Ghostbuster watches (and one Ghostbusters 2 watch, so these would have been made late 1988 to late 1989 – I wasn’t able to find out.) I particularly like the guys standing at the fire house, flip-up watches, as the Peter figure looks very similar to the little mold used in the pencil topper snow-globes. Oddly, there’s no Ray watch in the flat faced line. Dunno why. Anyhow, Real Ghostbusters digital watches did get made, similar to the flat-faced line, but sadly I don’t think the figure watches went into production.

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