Yes, it’s true. UK Housing officials have no dick.

When a British man explained to the representative of his local housing council that his family was afraid to move into their new townhouse because they felt it was haunted, the “woman housing official told me to contact a priest or call Ghostbusters.” True, it’s up for debate whether there are ghosts, etc., but c’mon. A little human compassion, please.

Housing officer Rita Nabakka apologised to Mr Hussain for her Ghostbusters joke when they met at the house on Tuesday afternoon.

A People 1st spokeswoman said: “When people first move into a house it can take a while to get used to the building’s noises and we hope that Mr Hussain and his family can start to relax in their new home.”

Stay-Puft 8th biggest monster sez EW

The Linear Ranger and fellow surfer Matthew sent in a heads up that Entertainment Weekly online, in honor of tomorrow’s release of Cloverfield and its mysterious, New York crushing monster, have posted their 13 favorite, big movie monsters. Everyone’s favorite sugary sailor came in at number 8 (totally should have been graded higher for having crushed New York before it was cool.)

Ghostbusters freeze for charity

Five hundred people, including the intrepid pack of Ghostbusters (and Slimer) above, took to the frigid waters of White Bear Lake, Minneapolis, to raise money for the Special Olympics. Wisely, they wore the inflatable packs that double as flotation devices.

Toronto to get Reitman Square

The Reitman family, including Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and his sisters, along with another prominent Toronto family, are working with the Toronto Film Fest to develop a new film studies building, which will include a number of theaters, learning centers, an archive, and so on. The Toronto Film Festival has announced that a nearby city square will be named Reitman Square, in honor of Ivan’s parents (who were more than just mom and dad to the filmmaker, but important local business owners.)

Ivan Reitman and his sisters say Reitman Square will honour their parents and “give back to the city and to the country” that took them in as immigrants.

Thanks to Joe for the heads-up.

Cereal Geek #3 a comin’

Cereal Geek continues to roll out, as news of issue three has just fallen into my lap. It should be ready to hit the shelves in a matter of weeks – Here’s the skinny;

There’s an article summarizing all seven seasons of The Real Ghostbusters, along with a small article about Slimer’s role as a sidekick, and even an article about why Filmation’s
Ghostbusters is disliked – Also, there’s one double page spread showing Janine fighting another redhead of the eighties!

And better yet, it looks like there will be a fourth issue coming soon – the “horror” issue. So, you know that’s going to be chock full of Ghostbusters goodness.