The birthplace of Ghostbusters

Well, here’s a neat bit of trivia – as Jason Reitman’s Juno heads into Oscar season, a recent interview with him and his father, Ivan, revealed that Art’s Deli (just outside of LA in Studio City) is apparently the birthplace of Ghostbusters.

Young Jason grew up steeped in Hollywood history. For example, Art’s Deli in Studio City was the place Ivan and Dan Aykroyd first met to work on “Ghostbusters.”

“And we basically decided to start the movie right here,” Ivan remembered. “I think it was this booth right behind me.”

“The first set I remember was ‘Ghostbusters,’ Jason Reitman told Braver. “It was a scene in which the street erupted. I remember even at seven years old thinking, ‘Wow, if you direct a movie, you can break the streets of New York.'”


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