Behind the scenes of Ghostbusters 2

Doreen at the Ghostbusters Fan Forum has spent many years cultivating close ties to a lot of our favorite Ghostbusters voice actors / actors, and she sent a heads up to this fantastic making-of clip for Ghostbusters 2. Get the whole story and watch the video after the jump.

This rare behind the scenes footage shows Robin Shelby (aka Robin Navlyt) getting prepped to play “Slimer” in “Ghostbusters 2.” We see director Ivan Reitman, Bill Murray, and creature & makeup designer Tim Lawrence discussing ways to approach the action for Slimer.

This home video is from William Forsche’s (aka Foertsch) personal video collection. This is not your average studio made movie press release. This comes from a time before DVD’s, high def TV, and reality based television shows. This is a rare look of what it was like to be behind the scenes in the summer of 1989 for “Ghostbusters 2.” The camera work is somewhat crude and so is the language at times but it is all very real.

Appearing as Robin’s manicurist is Mark Siegel. Mark is an actor in his own right and he also sculpted Slimer for GB II.

Besides being generally awesome, it’s also unique to see just how involved Bill Murray was behind the scenes. Double awesome is that we get to hear a deleted scene where Louis tries to lure Slimer out of hiding by pretending a pizza has been delivered. Thanks Doreen!

UPDATE: The awesome just keeps coming;
– parts of the Statue of Liberty costume can be seen
– some sort of crew (wrap?) party with everyone dancing to Fine Young Cannibals (oh, those were the days.)
– Robin’s performance blocking in the Slimer outfit.

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