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It’s a big day for photos of Ghostbusters ads taken with crappy cellphone cameras;

The latest issue of Game Developer magazine featured the above full page ad by Terminal Reality, who are looking to hire a lot of new people. How many applicants will be working on Ghostbusters the video game, that’s another story, but…

This is the link printed on the ad, for any of you interested in applying. I call dibs on Lead Game Designer or Producer… wait, nevermind, I’m booked up.


  1. Chris,
    you seems to know a lot about game development, so I was wondering is it a good sign that a studio is hiring 7 month into the making of a big project?

    Becase to me it seems that GB is the main focus of the job app and considering the thing has been in develepment at least from septemper 2006, I am a little bit worried they are rushing for deadlines, hence the need for more effectives.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. Some of the hiring at this point wouldn’t be too late, like if they’re hiring playtesters or last-minute artists for punch-up. It’s not even terribly late for additional programmers for small feature systems.

    But more than likely, they’re just hiring in general, not specifically for Ghostbusters – for example, they’re looking for lead designers and a producer. And you kind of need those for the start of a project, not the middle.

    Ghostbusters is their high-profile project, the one everyone will have heard about, so they are using it to attract talent, that’s all.

    The Ghostbusters game is humming along fine, I’m sure.

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