“This is Ted and Annette Fleming…”

Remember how Alice the Librarian (from the very start of Ghostbusters) was featured on IGN as their Obscure Character of the Day? Well, more Ghostbusters peripheral characters have arrived – this time it’s Ted the hapless Dry Cleaner and his wife, Annette.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the small business Jack Sprat and his no-lean wife, specifically because of their awkward blocking during their big entrance – watch it again, you’ll see what I mean. Their sole performance is to greet the crowd and take off their coats – Louis directs them as such, with “Everybody, this is…” and “C’mon in, gimme your coats”, but they’re two steps ahead of him smiling to all, and peeling off their coats, then zoom straight out the far end of the frame. Functional, but obviously, deliberately hurried to move the scene along.

Big thanks to Liverstealer (dude, ew) for the heads up.

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