We Are Legion: The mc chris interview

Like everybody that grew up in the 80s, mc chris has a special place in his heart for Ghostbusters. And GI Joe. And comics. And hip-hop. Unlike everybody that grew up in the 80s, Chris figured out how to put them all together and get paid in full.

Even if this is the first time you’ve heard of the mc chris you have seen his work before. As an animator, writer, and actor on Sealab 2021, Chris helped build the cartoon juggernaut that is Adult Swim. Then in the middle of all this, he lent his lyrical flow to not one, but two different Adult Swim shows – first as himself (though unseen) performing Fett’s Vette on Sealab and then again as MC Peepants on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

It was the strong fan reaction to those songs that led Chris to ditch the day job, bet it all on rap, and spin the wheel. 8 years later, the gamble worked and his power has grown huge as he tours regularly, is just about to release his sixth album, and is getting props from Marvel superheroes.

If he gets any stronger, he may have to be stopped.

mc chris took a moment to talk to Proton Charging about movies, comics, music, life, and how the Oakland hip-hop scene is the reason his zombie-themed album doesn’t reference Ghostbusters.
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UK gamers report from Wembley

People who got to attend the Play.com Live event at Wembley stadium are starting to post their reports and pictures – first up is Matt, who got a picture of the game’s booth (where attendees got to watch a trailer of gameplay, not actually play the game) and a lot of pictures of the giant inflatable Stay-Puft and local near-replica of the Ecto-1. Thanks, Matt.

Rocky Mountain Ecto needs your votes

Remember the Ecto-1K (a GB-suped Subaru)? Well, the Denver Fox channel has included it in their Coolest Car in Colorado contest… and thus far, it’s kicking ass. With a 4.5 average out of 5 (the other’s haven’t broken 3) it’s the clear leader. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a moment to vote for it.

Boomer, if you win, I demand you post the video for us to see!