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Red Fly on DS as PKE meter – forget it.

By on Apr 30, 2008 in GAMES, GB | 0 comments

Well, that was quick – Red Fly has stated, in the wake of all the post-black-out coverage for the Ghostbusters video game, that the early April report at the Sierra event that the DS could be used as a PKE meter for the Wii game, is now out of date. They agreed it would have been a cool feature, but has had to be axed. No reasons were given. It’s too bad...

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Nice thinking, Niko.

By on Apr 30, 2008 in ART, FANS, GB, MISC | 0 comments

Ever wonder what happens when you go to far in GTA 4 (assuming you can actually go too far, and aren’t bogged down in their date simulation system) – well, wonder no more. Click here to find out. Big thanks to JP at PC’s spiritual webby cousin, for the heads...

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PSP Ghostbusters game not out of the question

By on Apr 29, 2008 in GAMES, GB | 0 comments

One of the producers at Terminal Reality has said that depending on the benchmark tests on the PS2 version of the Ghostbusters game, it’s possible, and in fact even currently under discussion, that the PS2 version will be ported to the PSP. Hooray! Another system I can buy it for! Maybe! I’m still not buying a PS3...

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