Still playing catch-up…

A few news items I’ve been meaning to post, as I catch up from my highly condensed March;

– Actor James MacAvoy (The Last King of Scotland and the upcoming Wanted) in a recent interview with USA Weekend (a supplement in various newspapers) revealed himself, like many yoots from the UK, to be a Ghostbusters fan. Thank to Paul at Spook Central for that one.

(USA Weekend, Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, 2007)
Q: What movies captured your interest during those early years?
A: Michael J. Fox appeared in nearly every movie that I loved. Also, I loved all those Brat Pack movies. I used to watch a lot of romantic comedies, but the Back to the Future trilogy, The Goonies and Ghostbusters were my favorites.

– Our favorite, privately-owned, road-regulation, Ectomobile – the Ecto-1K – got some love (and a sweet photo, see above) in Subaru’s first official British Magazine! Read the whole article here – thanks for Boomerjinks for sending the scan. Everybody loves your car, dude – it’s officially official. And international.

– AT&T has announced they will be working with Sony Pictures to create the world’s first cell-phone based movie channel. Unlike on-demand services, this channel will be linear – presumably meaning you tune in and something is playing. So, their plan is that you will want to watch a tiny movie AND not care which one it is. The first crop of films include Bugsy, The Karate Kid, and Ghostbusters.

– A Pennsylvania police station is apparently haunted, which is neat. The local news covers it, which is what they do – local colour, y’know? But the last question the reporter asks, at the end of this video, is awesome. Thanks Brendan!

And there are more – I’m getting to them, I swear!

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