The official website for the Ghostbusters video game has had a couple of minor updates in the past few months, mostly amounting to text from the Sierra newsletter – but a meatier update has just been made. For starters, the opening with Slimer has been expanded. More importantly, a new quiz has been added as part of our “callback interview” – the quiz is 21 questions long, and it’s not exactly a push-over. However, diligent players who score a perfect 21 get a wallpaper – concept art for a ghostly opera singer (A Fright At The Opera, anyone?) As well, players get a signature banner, proclaiming them awesome, and inviting others to try the game. Also, it appears that there are five more Callbacks to come.

The wallpaper you can earn yourself, but seeing as it’s good PR for the game, PLUS their copy-to-clipboard function is broken for the UBB code, here are the banner for your signature files.



Oh, and the top five Ghostbusters websites are linked from the game website as well. While I’m pretty pleased, for readily apparent reasons, it does mean that a lot of great sites can’t be included – I’m hoping maybe we’ll see more and more of them in the coming months.

Big thanks to Raffaele at Ecto-web for the heads up.

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