Ghostbusters game site gets some X-play

The crown jewel of G4 television, X-play, gave a shout-out to the Ghostbusters videogame website, which they were excited to report had just launched. Which isn’t the case (it’s been running since November of last year), but you don’t go on TV and say “hey, guess what we just found out about?” And any hype for the game is good hype. Plus, Morgan Webb can tell me it launched yesterday, and I wouldn’t care.

Props to Paul at Spook Central for spotting the nod and tracking down the clip – Spook Central is one of a handful of GB sites that should have been on the game site’s link list, but wasn’t. If you’ve ever come to PC and said, “where are all the images/videos/sound clips?”, you meant to go to Spook Central. Paul has it all, and then some.

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