Official Ecto-1 appears in Minnesota!

A fairly well detailed Ecto-1 turned up on a parking lot in Richfield, MN. Why? Who does it belong to? Maybe it doesn’t matter More info on what’s up below – have a look at some close-up pics!

[UPDATE] Here are some more pics – it appears that this was a deliberate visit to Best Buy corporate headquaters. Which begs the question, was this something to do with some the upcoming sales of the game, moves (possibly on Blu-Ray), etc? Remember, stores had exclusive goodies for the sales of the Real Ghostbusters DVDs, and Best Buy often has DVDs with exclusive extra discs or mini-comics, etc.

[UPDATE] Well, it’s official – it’s the real Ecto-1, post-restoration. AJ at GBFans was there, and it was part of an official corporate promotional tour. So, it’s pretty safe to assume you’ll be able to buy the Ghostbusters game at your nearest Best Buy. ;p

[UPDATE] AJ has 277 (Yes, as in nearly three hundred) reference pictures of the car at GBFans, for those of you who would like to have a look.

[UPDATE] The world is awash in photos from this one appearance of the Ecto-1. Here’s another set. If this first surprise peek is any indication, restoring the cars (still no sign of the Ecto-1a yet) was money well spent on Sony’s part.

[UPDATE] AJ’s at, having seen the car, and presumably having talked to people in a position to know (either with Sony or Best Buy) is reporting that Sony and Vivendi are aiming to release the game and Blu-Ray disc at the same time;

Both are hoping to be released on October 21st, 2008.. while neither is set in stone, both are likely to be released on the same day. Vivendi is working on a Best Buy Exclusive promotion, as well as promotions with Target and GameStop.

Sony and Vivendi are also teaming up for a DVD Cash Promotion. All copies of the Vivendi Ghostbusters: The Video Game for XBox 360, PS2, & Wii will come with a DVD cash credit good towards the purchase of the Ghostbusters Collectors Edition DVD (while supplies last).

This is unofficial of course, but we’ve heard rumblings for awhile that this would be the case, and this goes a loooong way to supporting those rumblings.

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