Contest! Win a fan ID card!

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I’ve been gearing up for a contest and now we’re ready to go – GBFans is offering ID cards to site members, which feature a fans photo, name, location, etc. etc. Very cool stuff – just dig mine above. And PC is giving you a shot at winning one. They’d sure look handy on your jumpsuit. Or heck, just wear it around.

There are five cards to be won, featuring all your details and the ever spiffy Proton Charging logo – how can you win, you ask? Simple…

…Recast the greatest comedy ever.

Oh, I know. You can’t beat the original cast, but you’re going to have to try – if you were in charge of remaking Ghostbusters tomorrow, who would you cast in the roles of Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston and Louis Tully (ah ha! You thought it would be Dana, didn’t you?)

Start sending in your answers to castewar (at), and the contest will end in one week, with a winner announced on Friday, April 25th.

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