Goo gun? And Stay-Puft level overhauled.’s podcast from last week talked a bit about their look at the Ghostbusters game at the Sierra press party – the good news is that they seem to like the game a lot and they talk about it in the first ten minutes of the podcast. The bad news is they talk about it for less that 10 minutes. Still, they do give us some details on the “goo-gun” – imagine Spider-man webbing, where the gun creates a stretchy, gooey string between two points, like the roof or a building and a chair or a car. It sounds a little odd at first, except that the goo operates within the physics of the world, meaning if you attach a line from the roof to a chair, the chair will go springing up to the ceiling – if you add it from the roof to a car, the car will stay low to the ground – BUT adding more gooey lines will pull the car up more. Kind of like a bungey-cord gun, really.

Also, the say the Stay-Puft level that we’ve see bits of, and was used for the initial press previews of the game, is being overhauled after Terminal Reality decided it was good, but not awesome enough. Excellent to hear they’re sweating the details.

Listen to the whole podcast here.

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