Sierra Ghostbusters press party

Earlier in the month, Sierra held a Ghostbusters party in San Francisco (a infamous hub of gaming press) and the ninja-enforced news black-out period is almost up. In the coming week, I expect we’ll start seeing a lot of Ghostbusters game news items from various outlets. Nintendo had a press party the following night, so there’s a double chance we’ll hear some Wii and DS info.

But as a teaser, The Swag Show (from has posted a short on their attendance at the party – and besides a killer drink recipe, and a too-brief look at Mr. Stay-Puft in game, in all his grinning glory, you’ll get to see a jacket worth killing for.

I’m not kidding, Sierra. Just give me a name and a photo, and I will take that person out. Quiet. It’ll look like an accident. I’m an XL.

Props to Ryan LeClair for never leaving his computer, apparently.

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