Ghostbusters previews, 6 images, and music news.

The Sierra press party from earlier in April has seen its news black-out dropped, and there’s a flood of impressions. There’s a good look at Joystiq online, which also has 6 new images and a lot of notes on the Wii gameplay – these are repeated at most every other site. Kotaku has their impressions up as well.

One of the most interesting notes at Joystiq is that updated versions of the Ghostbusters theme were tested, but ultimately dropped in favour of the Ray Parker Jr original – or to put it as reported to Eurogamer, a crowd booed them when the idea was merely suggested. But that’s not all – apparently Terminal Reality has 75 minutes of music scored for the movie, but never used. One wonders how much of that overlaps with the sanctioned, limited edition film score released a couple of years back?

Other bits of news from the landslide – Terminal Reality states the obvious regarding the disparity between the latest next-gen machine and the previous, two year old console (this was reported by, hence the biased tone, one assumes.)

Thanks to Adam, et al. for the emails.

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