GameTrailers: Ecto-H20?

So, did everyone see GameTrailers? The Game Trailers HD footage will be online soon, very soon (and you will want to see it in HD), but in the meantime, has something to tide you over.

Game Trailers TV has their video up!

High Definition (the best way to see it)

Standard Definition

(click for HD screengrabs)

A small, blurry shot of Bill Murray in CGI (on loading screen, in GB poster pose, with Ray and Egon)
Concept art of a Ghostbusters boat
Profile shots of the Rookie (dude’s got a face!)
– A rail-gun type energy blast from proton pack system and slime tethers (behind interview, on screen, approx. 8:30 in)
– Interviews with honcho Mark Randel, level design lead Andy Dombroski, creative director Drew Haworth, and lead animator Angel Gonzalez Jr. – environment artist Shawn Spetch also shows off his GB colours in his jumpsuit and prop-pack.
– Various ghosts, both in game and concept art
– Lots of new concept art (one, two, three, just a taste)
– Blast scarring on Stay-Puft
Firehall exterior
Haunted island environment.
PKE meter
– Jewelry store called Family Jewels (not Ghostbusters related, I just thought that was funny)
– Confirmation that Gozer is in the game, but not in nimble little minx form (but rather, perhaps, original Paul Rubens style.)
– Lots of shots of the Infernal Engine in action
Early crowd shots (lots a people)
– Giant teasing about what crossing the streams will do (hint: probably not total protonic reversal . That really slows down game flow.)

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