More Ghostbusters gameplay footage

PlayrTV on Bravo UK showed a bunch of footage from the Ghostbusters game as well – only 5 minutes worth, but we still got to see another pack weapon (slime balls?), and a much different look at the PKE meter. Not to mention the slime tethers in full action. If you watch on the roof fight, there also seems to be some sort of overheating/overcharging on the proton pack, giving the basic proton stream a short, powerful wallop. And, if that’s not enough, we get a first look at Elissa, the damsel-in-distress for the game.

Oh, and… trap in action. I’ll say no more. Oh, and stick around to the end. It’s only 5 minutes and it’s worth it.

Also, the game footage appears to be using the movie score in a reactive form (meaning, it changes as the action changes). Plus the magic voice narrator explains that the pack has four modes, each with a secondary fire mode (so, 8 “weapons” total.) Thanks to AJ and Matt for letting me know, and bigger thanks to egonspengler2 for posting the clip.

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