PC on the radio!

S’true – some time int the nest hour on the Big Dumb Fun Show. It remains to be seen which of those I am.

I know it’s last minute, but there will be a podcast version up tomorrow and I think I should be able to get a copy for here, but if you’re reading this and get a chance to listen in live, go to their website and tune in.

It’s all done! It was just a quick 10 minutes – I still recommend you listening in, it sounds like there will be an intra-station lecture on the awesomeness of Ernie Hudson later in the show. Hopefully it was of interest to their listeners – it sounds like I might be back on in the coming months or post-game to talk a bit more. Hopefully less about my underwear (I’m wearing clean ones mom, no worries.)

I’ll have a clip up soon, and a link to the whole show podcast tomorrow.

The podcast is up – it’s a lot of talk and a lot of rock, so I haven’t heard it all, but there was a lot of GB chatter going on. Some of which I pulled out for the clip below, but you should check out the whole show. And other episodes as well. And next week’s. I don’t think I sounded too bad. Damn I say “uh” a lot though – got to break that happen. Stupid thinking noise!

Check me out!

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