Columbia-TriStar rattles sabre at Bollywood

It was really only a matter of time before Hollywood realized that one way to stop pirate or derivative works in foreign markets, like India and China, is to set up shop themselves.

In a recent magazine interview, Columbia-TriStar India honcho, Uday Singh, warned filmmakers that there would be “dire consequences” if they intended to be “inspired” by Columbia-TriStar films such as Ghostbusters and Jerry Maguire (yes, Jerry Maguire.)

This tough talk comes on the heels of a recent court case in which a composer who had written music for Sony-Ericsson sued another composer for re-using the track in a movie score – and won. The court ruling awarded a huge money settlement, and left the Indian film industry in an uproar, with some saying it’s time to clean up. And it certain looks like it shuts the Bollywood Ghostbusters down cold. Time will tell.


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