PC on Mad World Radio

I’m going to be shooting the breeze with self-confessed ghosthead Odd on Mad Word Radio today, Tuesday, May 20th. The show starts at 8PM EST, but I’m not on until 9PM EST, so bear that in mind. Also, bear in mind that the host is called Odd, so I can’t promise exactly how much we’ll be talking about Ghostbusters specifically… but then, when you get two ghostheads together, they have to compare notes, so, statistically speaking…

I believe there might be a real-time chat or number to call, so you’re always welcome to listen in and see if you can’t steer things. Also, I may, possibly, try and slip in a code word – first person to email me about it, I’ll send them a button. Not just a PC button, but a replica of an old school 1984 button I made a limited amount of (that reads “I’m a Ghostbuster” around the GB logo.) And if I can do it, you’ll know what the code word is, because I’ll actually say, “the code word is…” first. See, secret agent stuff is easy.

You can tune in to listen live, here.

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