UK Fans – See the game, see Ernie Hudson, this weekend!

Maybe even touch him! But I’m betting it’s the same video of the gameplay as has been seen previously (I doubt we’ll get hands on until San Diego Comic Con.) Still… The video game will likely bring all the fun stuff with it, like the UK Ecto-1 stand-in and the giant inflatable Stay-Puft. Sierra will also be showing off their Bourne Supremacy game as well.

The game and Ernie will be putting in an appearance at the MCM London Expo this weekend – For more info, check it out here, and for specifics on the show (as in, where Ernie will be and when) go here. Remember, take pictures! And occasionally cough out “protonchargingdotcom” when you’re around Ernie. Around anyone, really, but Ernie in particular.

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