GB fan linked to Red Fly game style

Chad over at caught wind that Dapper Dan, who has been posting his awesome Ghostbuster art for years now (and is well known to readers of PC and Cereal Geek magazine), may be linked to the art style of the more “cartoonish” Wii and PS2 versions of the Ghostbusters video game. In his Deviant Art blog, he has posted an image comparing his art to the neutral pose shots of a 3D Ray from

He also mentioned he was contacted by the game developers at Sierra’s specific request in May of 2007, half a year before the rest of the world would even hear about a video game. His current concern is that his art style will go without credit and has contact the developers again, but without having seen the other three Ghostbusters or a copy of the game credits (which we won’t see until October) it’s hard to say how much or how little his style will be used, and what credit he will receive. That the developers contacted him at all is a great deal more respect than a lot of online artists are granted these days – we expect as fellow GB fans, Red Fly will do right by Dan. We’ll know more in the coming months.

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