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We’re two months away from the San Diego Comic Con and whatever that brings (a big announcement and a lot of new Ghostbusters products), and five months away from the release of most of those products. And like good fans, we want it all now. Now!

Which is usually when the imagination runs wild, so now might be a good time to take stock of all things Ghostbusters. After the leap, I’ve arranged everything in the works (and a couple of things that may or may not be in the works) according to how much we know. Some things are a lock (like the game) and somethings are borderline wishful thinking – if it wasn’t turning into THE year for all things Ghostbusters, they’d be complete fiction. What’s not on the list are hopes – like a new comic series, or toys, or whatever. We all have those hopes, and they could certainly happen – there’s been enough suggestion that there’s still lots of great stuff to come, but we haven’t heard a single thing, so no sense confusing the issue.

All right – so, where we at?


Ghostbusters: The Video Game
While final gameplay and details on what (if any) multiplayer options will make it into the various games are still unknown, there no denying that this October (barring release drift) will see a new Ghostbuster game for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, and Nintendo DS – essentially, there will be three games, depending on the abilities of the system its made for – Next Gen, family friendly, and whatever ends up on the DS (most likely a simpler game with much more business RPG aspects – earn money, maintain the company, etc.)

Everybody from the original core cast is back, with the exception of Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver (who were both sought, but passed), the Elmer Bernstein score and Ray Parker Jr. theme will be featured, the proton pack will easily feature a dozen different “weapon” settings, there is a new damsel in distress, and Gozer is back, but not in its creepy fashion model form.

Practically Solid

Ghostbusters Blu-Ray
Even before they won the HD format wars, Sony was apparently already planning on a Blu-Ray edition of Ghostbusters – while there is no official word yet, a UK ad claimed a Region 2 Ghostbusters Blu-Ray this Fall. Hard to imagine then, as the clear winners of the format fight, Sony wouldn’t release an evergreen property like Ghostbusters. However, without official word, there are questions about release date, extra materials, and if there will be a Blu-Ray Ghostbusters 2.

Real Ghostbusters series on DVD
Time-Life, makers of some very sweet DVD sets for Get Smart and Man From U.N.C.L.E., will be apparently making a 26 disc set of the entire Real Ghostbusters and Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters series. Without a doubt, this plan would include some equally excellent extras materials, but hold onto your hat – no DVD mega set, and certainly not any of the Time-Life sets, come cheap. Best see if you can get at least $150 squirreled away.

This is based solely on the word of Gord at, however Gord is so careful with his sourcing the only thing that keeps this out of the Solid category is that no-one official has said, “yes, it’s happening.” Until someone says those magic words, there is still the potential this plan ceases.


Ghostbusters: The Video Game on PSP
Once the game is running on the PS2, it’s not exactly a big leap to the PSP. And seeing as both the PSP and Ghostbusters are Sony babies, it’s seems a foregone conclusion – except that while the develops have said it’s been looking into, Sony has yet to sign off on the idea (and the funding.)

Ghostbusters… Manga?
Determined to own the souls of ever tweenaged girl in North America, TokyoPop have taken steps in recent years to start adding the rest of the geek world to their collection, by releasing books appealing to other areas of genre fandom (such as their Star Trek book.) All we have at this point is an Amazon listing (taking pre-orders now) and a page count of 190+ pages – that there is a book is solid, and a release date set for October makes it practically solid, but without an official announcement or a look at the art, there remains that very slim chance this is something out of Japan with a misleading (to us, anyhow) name. Fingers crossed.

Ghostbuster 2 Blu-Ray
As mentioned above, nobody has said anything about the second movie – certainly there’s more than enough extras materials out there that Sony could use to coax Ghostbusters fans to a whole new home video system. And it would be odd to put out the first movie, but not the second. But how fancy would that disc be? Until someone brings it up, we don’t even know there will be a Ghostbusters 2 disc.

Moving in the Shadows

“The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last.”
Who is the big villain in the Ghostbusters game? It’s pretty clear that Gozer is back – the developers have said as much. But beyond that… nothing. However, two curious pieces have been added to the puzzle, one official and one not, but oh so tantalizing.

Firstly, the developers have said that Gozer is back, but not as we’re familiar with from the first movie. In the original script, Gozer was intended (and indeed was even sketched in storyboarding) as a neat, thin man in a black suit. Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Rubens was in mind for the role before it all changed. But why waste a perfectly good idea?

The second little mystery comes from Gene Wilder’s MySpace page. While it’s true, MySpace has a lot of pages for celebrities that those same celebrities have nothing to do with, but this does not feel like one of those. Plus, it has a single note, made a year ago this week, apparently from Gene himself;

Sorry I have not been on here (Myspace) in awhile. As you all know my dear friend Gus takes care of my page but he is also away for a bit to take care of some family issues.

As of right now I am well. Thank you all for the kind messages and comments.

I currently am working on a project with Mr. Dan Aykroyd.
By the way. Do you believe in ghosts?

; )

Stay tuned


That’s not to say that Gene will voice a more gentlemanly version of Gozer – I am only guessing. But a Dan Aykroyd project involving ghosts… it’s got to be the video game, right?

Perhaps. Or perhaps Mr. Wilder is involved in something else.

“They use sense and nerve gasses… a fake electronic light show”
When I’m not posting on all things Ghostbusters, I haunt strange, far places. Well, the video game industry. And like all things, there is a grapevine. Out of that grapevine recently came the word that a company I’m familiar with was gearing up and the project was Ghostbusters. Which surprised me, as this company doesn’t make video games, they do computer generated imaging – both effects, and thanks to a recent acquisition, a company that makes CGI television programming. A quick check with Sony and Vivendi got a cautious shrug, and the assurance that all the cinematics for the video game were being handled in LA. However, the company in question has an office in LA, so…

What does this mean then? Absolutely nothing. It’s not enough data to be sure. The rumour could be wrong and the company isn’t doing anything of the sort. The company could in fact be working on some aspect of the video game or the Blu-Ray (discs need interfaces after all). I realize I’m obfuscating the name of the company, but I’m not in a position to mention them by name just yet. They are real and a well known company, even if everything about them here is just rumours and guesses. But there’s something to consider;

What’s the big announcement at San Diego Comic Con?

Looking at the list above, there’s not a lot left. Undoubtedly we’ll find out more about the game and Blu-Ray disc, but are they “big announcement” material? Not unless they’ve got something up their sleeve. Same goes for the RGB DVDs and TokyoPop projects – they fit the con perfectly, and the RGB DVD is a big deal that hasn’t been officially announced yet.

But does it warrant a teaser ad at WonderCon half a year in advance? And what’s all this about a company making something CGI with the Ghostbusters?

Try not to go crazy – it could be anything. But the options are tantalizing. It’s a little too easy to jump to a conclusion that fits our wishes. We need more information, or the big announcement, whichever comes first. In the meantime, I remain cautiously optimistic.

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