Ghostbusters, October 8th in Pennsylvania (not New Jersey)

Oh, sure, this one is a ways out yet, but what with the Ghostbusters video game coming out only a few weeks later, better to give ghostheads a big heads up, in case they want to get prepped and show up in style. I know nothing about New Jersey geography, other than you have Manhattan island, a decommissioned aircraft carrier, water, and then New Jersey. So if I were to say that it’s in Bethlehem, I’m assuming area residents will know what I mean. The Ghostbusters showing will be free and outdoors October 8th – that’ll be some cool Halloween vibe, to be sure.

UPDATE: Bethlehem is in Pennsylvania as it turns out. Thanks terribly uninformative news article. And totally non-sarcastic thanks to Steven for helping sort that out.


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