Time-Life to release Real Ghostbusters DVD set?

YAY! I got tired of sitting on this one!

TVShowsOnDVD.com hinted on a rumour that RGB might be coming to DVD, and that rumour is now filling in a bit more – while there has been no official announcement made, TVSoDVD’s source says Time-Life will be releasing a massive 26 disc set, complete with the Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters episodes. Beyond that, little is known, but take heart; Gord at TVSoDVD is hardcore in his reporting. If he didn’t think this had a good chance of being true, he wouldn’t report it – stay tuned!

If I’d only known…

Make no mistake, Ernie Hudson’s “Winston Rules” t-shirt is not only accurate, it is also wicked and cool. However it’s the Ghostbusters posters he’s signing I’m more interested in – given there are a couple of them at the table, they are folded, and they are brand spanking new, I’m assuming they were something handed out at the show.

If I’d only known, I would have asked someone to get me one. Oh well.

So, those who attended, how did it go? It appears Stay Puft turned out for the event.