Tokyopop reveals almost final manga cover

Hmmm. I’m not sure I prefer this over the GB logo cover as appeared in Previews catalog, but then it has to be kept in mind that the cover has to do two things – it has to attract Ghostbusters fans (which it will do, simply by having Ghostbusters in the title) and it has to attract fans of Manga, in which case the logo will mean little, but art means more. Still, it is marked “Not Final”, so it may change yet.

Thanks to Fome for spotting it.

Another Tokyopop artist uncovered

While digging around Newsarama, Proton Charging’s new best buddy Nonchan discovered an article on Tokyopop’s controversial new Manga Pilot program – in the article, one of the artists interviewed, Maximo V. Lorenzo, mentions;

I submitted constantly to any of TokyoPop’s would-be projects, and finally one went through, a Ghostbusters anthology for this fall… it’s a series I’ve loved ever since I was a kid and I’m fired up, guns blazing to give it my all to produce my best work yet for this book!

Nonchan also turned up Maximo’s DeviantArt page, complete with a sketch of the Ghostbusters team – while not specifically cited as being for the anthology (he comments that it is how he would draw the team, if given the chance) it is a nice look at his style.

Custom Ghostbusters Xbox360 skin

360 skin
Normally I’m leery on unlicensed Ghostbusters anything on ebay, but in this case, it is kind of cool. Someone in California is printing Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 skins for the Xbox 360. They are printed on vinyl (not paper sticker) and look pretty sharp, as seen by these photos by QZEDDEMOORE, who bought one.

Buyer beware kids – but if you’ve ever wanted to customize your Xbox rig, short of someone making something official, this is an option. Or, maybe you want to try your own hand at it – the web has no lack of resources to help. Just remember to send PC a picture, yeah?