NECA planning on GB game Slimer and beyond

AJ at spotted blog coverage of a Q&A with Randy Falk and co. at NECA – during the questions it was revealed that they are apparently planning on a translucent Slimer in time for the release of the Ghostbusters video game (no word on whether this is a new sculpt or a translucent cast of their original Slimer figure) – they are also looking to the rights for the likeness rights to the Ghostbusters themselves, though they have been seeking these all along, and with the in-game Ghostbusters looking so much like the real actors, it hard to say if it will be any easier to obtain those rights (particularly from the particularly particular Bill Murray.) Also, nobody thought to ask if they’d be making figures based on other notables from the game (like any of the new monsters or the new incarnation of Gozer.)

Regardless, I guess we can scratch this off the “big announcement” list for the San Diego Comic Con (before it even made it on the list.) Stay tuned.

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