Ecto-1 and Stay-Puft work the New York licensing Expo

Sony Consumer Products (not to be confused with Omni Consumer Products) was is at the New York Licensing Expo, Tuesday and Wednesday, which is basically a place for people who makes things to meet up with people who have things that can be made. Meaning, Sony was shopping around all their big ticket intellectual properties for manufacturers to turn into mugs and dolls, etc. In this case, Ghostbusters was in full effect, with the Ecto-1 and the giant inflatable Stay-Puft on hand to direct folks to the Sony booth.

What does this mean to us? Well, more than likely it will lead to at least a few more cool Ghostbusters items to spend our money on in the coming year. Time will tell.

UPDATE: Here’s the list of what Sony says they are looking for at that show (bear in mind that this covers ALL of Sony’s IPs, not just ghostbusters, but it is an interesting guideline on possibilities.)

– Apparel/Fashion/Accessories
– Food/Beverages
– Promotions/Incentives
– Publishing
– Stationery/Paper Goods
– Toys/Games/Hobbies

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