This Week In Geek: Ghostbusters

Once more the airwaves and the internets are subject to my nasal Canadian twang as I’m invited on This Week In Geek to shoot the Shineola with Mike The Birdman Dodd about all things Ghostbusters. This was an interesting discussion, because Mike is without question a geek, but not a hardcore Ghostbusters geek, so he had a lot of questions about stuff that gets taken for granted when you eat, breath, and live this stuff day in and day out.

I had a blast, and it’s probably the closest I’ll come to ever meeting Wil Wheaton (he was on two shows ago – it practically makes us brothers.)

You can download directly or listen online here. You can also subscribe to the show via iTunes or your preferred podgrabber. I’d recommend subscribing, as their other shows only get better and better when I’m not gabbing.

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