Report from the International Licensing Expo

Matthew (he of the awesome Stay-Puft t-shirt – check it out and get your own) got to hit the ILE in New York this week, and scoped out all the Ghostbuster goodness;

I was at the licensing expo in NYC yesterday and the GB game was actually in the main entrance of the Jacob Javitts center (before you actually even got into the show). The Ecto-1 was parked next to a demo station, the giant inflatable Stay-Puft wasn’t too far from that. There was a guy from Sierra playing the first level demo of the game and he told me some new info.

I noticed as he played, the character had no life bar, he told me that there will be no life bar because Dan Aykroyd didn’t want that. Since no characters died in the movies, no one dies in the game. You can get knocked down and at worst knocked unconscious, but eventually another buster gives you smelling salts to awaken you.

I asked about the Wii and DS working together, since there were rumors of the DS being used as a PKE meter. He said they are still up in the air with that one, so we might get that, we might not.

Matthew says he’s got some pictures to send later, and that the game looks and plays amazing – Thanks Matthew!

[UPDATE] Matthew sent in the pics! Of particular interest is the shot he got (even though it was a no-no) of the game in action – check it out, wormy ghost… (after the jump)

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