First look at Tokyopop Ghostbusters?

tokyopop ghostbusters
Eagle-eyed John pointed me towards the Deviant Art account of a particular artist who has worked in the past for Tokyopop, and who has posted a particular pencil sketch that raise an eyebrow. The single piece features a decent looking Egon (“Spangler”, but hey, that’s what editors are for, right?), cute-as-pie Janine, our favorite civic administrator, Hardemeyer and a mystery character, the scholarly Teplitz. The piece is dated 2008 and the label and subtitle tease are suggestive, even if not conclusive.

It’s possible this has nothing to do with the Tokyopop Ghostbusters project, and even if it is, it’s possible that these are submissions, but the artist wasn’t chosen to be a final participant, but assuming that it is for reals, that’s… cool. Oh sure, Egon look a little young, but it’s Manga. And Janine looks fantastic! I’m really looking forward to this – everyone be ready to check out the July issue of Diamond’s Previews catalog, as that’s when the book will likely be pre-listed.

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