More Tokyopop art?

Another Tokyopop affiliated artist has posted some yummy Ghotsbusters manga on their DeviantArt site – again, it’s only speculation that it belongs to their upcoming Fall Ghostbusters book, but since the book is listed as “various” authors, it suggests there will be a handful of stories, with different authors and artists, instead of one big story. Click the link to see the full sized sketch.

There was some resistance to the last piece of art, and I imagine that this piece will cause the same reaction with some of you – it’s alrighty if it’s not your thing, but try and bear in mind that manga does have a style. The brilliance of this book is that that unless a Ghostbuster fan outright hates the style, we’re all getting it. And we’re just a drop in the bucket – it’s the hundreds of thousands of Tokyopop readers that are going to be introduced to Ghostbusters in a way that they’re comfortable with. Then they’ll go looking for the cartoon and movies, etc. etc.

Thanks to Taylor for spotting the art, the first time he’s been in front of a computer in weeks!

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