The Ghostbusters Horror Picture Show

You know, it’s time. Long overdue, even.

As Ghostbusters becomes more and more popular at summer screenings, and particularly midnight screenings, as more and more people put together a variety of Ghostbusters costumes, each and every screening of Ghostbusters becomes and event. People in jumpsuits and packs get stopped for photos, everybody cheering…

…so why not turn Ghostbusters into a full-blown Midnight Movie? Meaning, why not come up with some audience participation call backs?

I believe it can work – the movie always has a high energy crowd. The movie is a mix of dry humour and supernatural, with a lot of strange things happening. It’s begging to be turned into an audience participation movie.

I’m going to sort out some guidelines and add them here – in the meantime, if you’re familiar with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the kinds of ways the audience participates, start brainstorming.

For those of you not familiar with that kind of midnight movie, imagine the movie starting. We get to the point where Peter goes “You’re right Ray, no human being could stack books like this.” and the audience yells out “Sarcasm!” or “Zing!” Later, when the Ghostbusters logo fades in, everyone yells “Who Ya Gonna Call?”

The one rule, right off the bat, is that the audience participation should be kept within PG-13 limits. Rocky Horror was bawdy enough that the audience could be counted on to be cool with bad bad words, etc. Ghostbusters can have kids watching. BUT… that doesn’t mean it can’t be clever with the double entendres.

Also, rule two (maybe this should be rule one), whatever system we come up with, if it looks worthwhile, only gets applied to Midnight showings, not evening or outdoor showings. Midnight movies are the big parties.

Deal? OK, start thinking.

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