OXM podcasts with Terminal Reality

oxm podcastThe Official Xbox Magazine podcast has posted it’s chat with some of the lads at Terminal Reality. Tragically, Dan, THE Ghostbusters fan at OXM, was out of the office on assignment and couldn’t take part. However, he was there in spirit and we share his pain.

You can download the podcast now at oxmpodcast.com or subscribe to podcast via iTunes (free.)

[update] Direct Link to episode in question.

I haven’t listened yet, so if anything good pops up, I’ll note it here.

[UPDATE] If you’re not interested in the preamble (which you should be, if you own an Xbox or like video games in general – it’s a fantastic podcast), jump to 16:05 for the interview, which is with Terminal Reality creative director Drew Hayworth, executive producer Brendan Goss, and company head Mark Randel.

– Demo in the works for release prior to release.
– Playable game station will be at Comic Con!

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