Tokyopop Ghostbusters listed in July Previews

This is it – time to pre-order the Tokyopop Ghostbusters manga (if you are so inclined.) It’s three months prior to an October release date, which means Diamond Distribution will be taking pre-orders through your favorite comic shop. Big thanks to Dave for reminding me – he’s had a look at the catalog already and it features a blurb on the book. It will have at least four stories, including one where Ray learns busting ghosts isn’t always a blast, and Egon has a heart-to-heart with a ghost before having to bust it (I’m looking forward to that one.) More on this book soon!

[UPDATE] Diamond is saying this issue of Previews covers items shipping in September – this may mean comic shops will get the item earlier than we expected.

[UPDATE] Dave found the Preview listings write up online (at Wizard Universe.) The page also includes the “Art Not Final” cover image (classic logo on black, but of course.)

a possessed fashion designer offers a spring line aimed to displease; a cantankerous theater critic haunts a new production of a big budget musical; Ray learns that catching ghosts isn’t ALWAYS exciting; Egon has a touching moment with a spectral spook; and Winston shines when the boys go from busters to bustees to a quartet of peeved off poltergeists.

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