Another Tokyopop artist uncovered

While digging around Newsarama, Proton Charging’s new best buddy Nonchan discovered an article on Tokyopop’s controversial new Manga Pilot program – in the article, one of the artists interviewed, Maximo V. Lorenzo, mentions;

I submitted constantly to any of TokyoPop’s would-be projects, and finally one went through, a Ghostbusters anthology for this fall… it’s a series I’ve loved ever since I was a kid and I’m fired up, guns blazing to give it my all to produce my best work yet for this book!

Nonchan also turned up Maximo’s DeviantArt page, complete with a sketch of the Ghostbusters team – while not specifically cited as being for the anthology (he comments that it is how he would draw the team, if given the chance) it is a nice look at his style.

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