OXM Ghostbusters game preview hits shelves tomorrow

We mentioned a couple of weeks back that the July issue of the US edition of the Official Xbox Magazine would be featuring their Ghostbusters preview, and it was looking like this was the preview to read – well, that issue hits the stands tomorrow. Subscribers may have gotten theirs already (unless you’re in Canada and you’re me, then you haven’t. grrr, Canada Post, grrr) but everyone can grab one tomorrow. Make note and don’t miss out.

More info on TokyoPop Ghostbusters manga

PC reader and doodle vandal Chris attended the BookExpo America this past weekend, and got to talk to the folks at the TokyoPop booth – they confirmed to him the Ghostbusters book listed on Amazon (as mentioned here), and said that it will tell a story between Ghostbusters 2 and the upcoming video game (set two years after the second film.)

Hopefully in the wake of the BEA convention, we’ll start to hear more from TokyoPop on this project.